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Our mission is to connect people with opportunities in the startup ecosystem.

We offer a platform for startups focused on Team building and fundraising.

The community provides the opportunity for startups, investors and talent to better connect.


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We provide you with solutions focused on two main challenges.

Recruitment service to create a synergistic work team through a methodology that provides added value to the standard CV.

Connection with angel investor to offer you financial and business support.


Encuentra trabajo en las empresas innovadoras.

Descubre tu potencial y demuestra que eres mucho más que un CV,

Comunidad talento
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Find job opportunities at innovative and aspiring startups.

Display your potencial with your abilities and skills and show that  you are much more than a CV.

Angel Investors

Join a new startup community.

Connect with startups in search of business support and advice.

Discover new investment opportunities.

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