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Modalities of job offers

Training program

The training program is a type of job offer that has a specific duration with the aim of acquiring work experience in the sector in which you have been trained.

Training programs are essential to gain experience in a short period of time, in which you will be able to observe in the different offers a plan of objectives offered by Startups.

It does not matter what type of degree you have, or previous experience, many Startups need personnel with specific skills in a specific field, and that person can be you.


Alignment with your study program

Startups demand personnel with specific skills in a specific field, you can determine which aspects to evaluate based on your training.


Goals Plan

We carry out with you a plan of professional and personal objectives where you will be able to observe the learning curve during the training program.


Program results

We follow up during the program and offer you a report that will serve as a guide for future jobs.


Job projection

Training in Startups is a great step to grow in your work environment and to be able to apply for jobs with greater responsibility within it.

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